Gluten-free products

The term Celiac disease defines the intolerance of the human body to gluten which is a protein found in wheat and in others cereals. For people with celiac disease, this protein generates chronic inflammation of the intestine, it is a condition permanent and the only effective therapy is a gluten-free diet.
Unlike in the past, today the market offers a wide choice of gluten-free products of excellent quality, so much so that many people do not affected by this intolerance, however, choose to eat "Gluten Free" generating almost a fashion and a lifestyle choice very similar to the vegetarian choice.

Every day, more and more people find themselves celiac, it is an increasingly widespread intolerance that affects 1% of the population. The term Celiac was first introduced in the 19th century by translating it from an ancient Greek text by the ancient physician ARETEO DI CAPPADOCIA which described the disease. Areteo exercised his profession as a doctor in the first century AD probably in Nero's time, he was also responsible for the invention of term Diabetes.

It is now fairly recognized that celiacs are born. Celiac disease is linked to a genetic predisposition, which does not mean who it is celiac will necessarily have celiac children and vice versa. In addition to a genetic predisposition, they influence the onset of the disease also environmental aspects, nutrition and personal stories. Symptoms and gluten intolerance can manifest themselves in any moment of our life, even in adulthood.

The organic choice

The desire to buy organic products is an increasingly popular lifestyle choice.
The search for more natural food therefore can only be directed towards organic products that exclude the use of substances chemical synthesis: herbicides, pesticides and pesticides and the use of O.G.M.

The Biological system is essentially based on Biodiversity by exploiting the natural resources of the Earth; the ancient method is adopted the alternation of crops that prevented the pests from adapting and did not impoverish the soil with the repetition of the same crops intensive.
Their natural predators are used as parasite antagonists in the organic method.

The livestock raised supplies the manure used to fertilize the field and in turn the animals are fed with grass and organic fodder that they themselves have helped to grow, without taking antibiotics, growth hormones and other substances that stimulate milk production.

The organic products of animal origin are then transformed by our company without any addition of synthetic or type substances chemical and then delivered to specialized outlets.

We are therefore experiencing a return to primordial, simpler agriculture that follows the natural cycles of the Earth, as indeed in the production of cured meats patiently waits for the time necessary for their complete natural maturation.
Animals raised following the organic method must be fed with organic products, preferably from the same company.
The organic farm is closely linked to the land, it is in fact expected that the animals have plenty of space available free to be able to move both indoors and outdoors. Breeding conditions must take into account innate behavior, therefore, adequate and healthy structures are needed in order to guarantee a certain state of well-being for the animals.

In summary, BIO products contain the following characteristics:

  1. respect the seasonal rhythms of nature
  2. do not exploit the land resources in an exasperated way
  3. no genetically modified organisms are provided
  4. do not contain synthetic chemicals or dyes
  5. do not pollute the environment with herbicides, pesticides and chemical plant protection products
  6. are subject to strict control by certified bodies

The meaning of Nature, Biodiversity and Genuineness is associated with Organic. Agriculture and breeding they should increasingly turn to the organic method in order to give BIO the important meaning of a method that ensures sustainable development that respects the natural environment. Food, the organic one, more natural, for the benefit of health. nourishment more suited to our biological needs and which returns to its original function: feeding us.

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