Back in 1946, our grandfather Giovanni Fulgeri was an expert who worked in the production of sausages at a sausage factory in Maddaloni (in the province of Caserta). At his death, the company hired his 18-year old son, Ugo.
That's how our family started its adventure in the sausage world.
Like all emigrants, our father strongly hoped to return home and, after years of hard work and many sacrifices, he made it back to his home town in Pavullo nel Frignano (in the province of Modena) and opened a butcher shop.

For over 10 years, Ugo worked in the shop, buying animals from the local farmers. The meat was excellent. The territory lacked good quality sausages and those that came from other areas were not considered that good.

In the early ‘70s, Ugo wanted to build his own sausage factory to meet the demand for high quality, typical local sausages.
As such, S.A.P. was established in 1973. The first partners were our father and our mother Giordana, always by his side, and uncle Renzo.

At first, the main business consisted in slaughtering pigs purchased from the pig farms of the Frignano territory, which were quite numerous back then; those meats were used to produce salami, air-cured pork meats, lard, greaves, sausages and pig head sausages, all of which underwent an artisan processing.
In just a few years it was already a success and the market expanded to neighboring cities.

High-quality artisanal cured meats from the Friganno Region

EEC regulations came into force in the early ’90s, imposing very high organizational and processing standards, requiring renovations along with major and very demanding adaptations.
S.A.P. was well aware of their importance and therefore restructured the sausage factory, focusing in the production of typical high-quality meats.

S.A.P. truly believed in what it made and this motivation allowed the sausage factory to grow and expand its market. As such, the facility was enlarged to be able to produce more, more efficiently but without ever losing track of quality.

New and ultra-modern machinery was purchased, allowing us to adapt our product to changing consumer needs. Trade also changes as it evolves, grows and increases the demand for small portions, packaged in a protective atmosphere.
The spread of supermarkets changed the sales system.

To all this, S.A.P. responded with modern and innovative products without ever overlooking its artisan spirit and meat quality.
More and more attention is given to image, packaging and product presentation, linking it increasingly to the territory, our products' added value.

S.A.P.'s promotion and enhancement also passed through the participation in major trade shows such as CIBUS or ANUGA in Cologne.

An ancient recipe treasured by the Fulgeri family

When it all started out, it was Ugo Fulgeri who expertly mixed the various spices (cinnamon, cloves, mace and ginger) to achieve a balanced combination of aromas and flavors.
Even today, this secret mix is personally prepared by the Fulgeri family who jealously guards the ancient recipe.

A very important response to the needs of the market was that of perfecting a line of cold cuts for those who suffer from food intolerance.
Since 2007 we have been cooperating with the Italian Celiac Association and our HEALTH LINE products earned us the SPIGA BARRATA quality brand, certified gluten- and lactose-free meats.

Despite the difficult years, the number of customers has steadily increased and, at the same time, so has the number of our employees.

The company is currently made-up of 2 partners, 20 employees and 5 representatives. S.A.P. today is present with its own agents and means in Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria.
Important collaborations have been set up abroad, and we now export especially to Germany and England.