... Turmeric


Native to India, turmeric belongs to the same family of Ginger and Cardamom and helps digestion, just as these two spices do. The merits of the healthful effects of this plant have been granted for its active ingredient, Curcumin. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and analgesic features; indeed it can provide relief to various aches such as headaches. It has anti-cancer properties, especially with regard to gastrointestinal and prostate cancer. Turmeric, like Ginger, enters the natural protocol with full rights in guarding against colds and other winter illnesses. It helps prevent Alzheimer. Curcumin can be considered a natural antidepressant since it is able to increase our serotonin and dopamine levels. Using Turmeric to flavor foods, in combination with the pepper alkaloid that helps absorb it, also promotes a decrease in salt intake.